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What are ionized minerals?
  Ionized minerals are bio electrically charged minerals
 that are dissolved in water. They carry an extra
What does living water mean?
 Adya ionized minerals have a powerful ability to
 draw oxygen from the water continually. This is the a
 way of delivering life to your blood. Toxin are
Will the water take away pain and help
with kidney stones?

 We have had immediate positive results. In some cases
 the pain disappeared within a few glasses of water. In
 other cases kidney stones have been passed with
 absolutely no pain.
Is it true I will have better skin?
 Everyone who drinks a half of gallon of Adya
 water/day or more, will enjoy the softest hydrated
 skin. Others may have acute skin conditions that will
 improve over time.
Does Adya water help with constipation? <>You can expect an immediate relief of constipation. We
 have taken care of even the toughest jobs.

What is decalcification?
 Decalcification is when ionized calcium breaks down
 the scale or build up of dead calcium. Adya water
 will break down the unwanted scale build up in your
 body, teeth, and tea pots.
Will Adya cure any diseases?
  Roxtract only provides the body with the proper tools
 to help your own body fight and destroy diseases.
 Adya water teaches the body how to protect itself.
 Many people have gotten better and taught themselves
 how to rid disease from their body.
Will Adya help arthritis?
  There has been many instances where arthritis pain is
 relieved in the first week of drinking Adya water.
 Between the power of decalcification and
 detoxification, Adya water has had immaculate
How does Adya affect eating habits?
  Adya water seems to help the body understand what
 is good and what is bad for it. You can always expect
 to know what your body really likes and doesn’t.
 Roxtract water assists in removing unwanted toxins
 from the blood. Diet usually is controlled because of
 this. The brain often gives the wrong signal, Hunger
 is often confused with thirst. Often we realize we can
 go all day without food as long as we are drinking
 Adya water.
What if I am not a water drinker?
 Adya water molecules are nearly half the
 traditional size of water. You will be able to enjoy
 the refreshing taste and the fact that it is so easy
 to absorb in your body that drinking it becomes a
 What is the Ph or Adya   water?
  Adya water has a ph of 6.9. When processed in the
 body we can get a ph of 7.6 in the blood.
How often do I have to change the filter?
  Our ceramic filter is made to last one year.
How long is Roxtract solution/water good for?
 When stored in a dark place it will live for eternity
How often do I have to order solution?
 Our solution refills are 32oz and will provide approx.
 265 gallons of Adya water. If one drink a half of
 gallon a day then this should last 530 days. It will
 very based on usage of the Adya water. One can
cook or make coffee/tea.
. removed and energy is abundant.
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